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Forgot to Post This One, So It Is All A Bit Old

Monday, 15th August 2011

The model of the The Valley of the Kings at the visitor centre before you enter the valley is a clear fibreglass topography with the complex of tombs suspended beneath:

valley of the kings model

(photo: flickr user ruthhallam)

Old news now, but: J.G. Ballard’s house in Shepperton is for sale. According to the real estate listing, it has the following ‘features’:

Living Room 14’ x 11’10 (4.27m x 3.61m)
Dining Room 13’1 x 10’1 (3.99m x 3.07m)
Kitchen 9’1 x 7’1 (2.77m x 2.16m)
Bedroom One 14’1 x 11’1 (4.29m x 3.38m)
Bedroom Two 13’ x 9’11 (3.96m x 3.02m)
Bedroom Three 8’ x 6’1 (2.44m x 1.85m)
Front & Rear Garden
Off Street Parking

Timelapse footage of the Hector thunderstorm, by Murray Fredericks:

Nicola Twilley’s account of the division and dispersal of the royal wedding cake is fascinating and the whole idea terribly English.

City Traces. A collaborative city mapping project

The Great Unwashed. Painting by Tzu-chi Yeh:
tzu chi yeh

God Knows. A documentary on ARM up on youtube. Good stuff.

Zimoun sound sculpture: (via @Jack_Self)

Virtual tescos grocery store in Seoul. Customers scan QR codes for items from display shelves lining the subway walls and the groceries are later delivered to their home. Soon: Buy anything from anywhere.

A 1973 guide to Canberra to attract women to move to Canberra. (via @katecrawford)

I like this house in an old theatre by Núria Salvado and David Tapias:

house by Núria Salvado and David Tapias

We watched a bunch of Polanski films over the weekend. I like the constrained worlds of his films; the yacht in Knife in the Water, the apartment in Repulsion, and the apartment building in Rosemary’s Baby.

Another great panel from Otomo’s Domu. So good. Apartment building telekinetic warfare:

katsuhiro otomo domu

(Image: Otomblr)