UTS – Even Better than the Real Thing

Some photos of nice projects on display at the UTS Exhibition &#8212 Even Better than the Real Thing, curated and organised by Dr Sam Spurr. The show was very good I thought &#8212 UTS definitely has the clearest agenda of the three architecture schools in Sydney and their projects had a very strong graphic sensibility, if a lack of plans, sections and the like. The projects are generally about the possibilities of very focussed areas of study; structural facades, data collection and visualisation, visual indertiminancy, and (as Anthony Bourke refers to it) post-kids-with-balloons-urbanism.

Being a bad blogger, I neglected to get the names of all the student’s work shown here, so if you know, let me know! + Insert iphone dodgy camera disclaimer here.

uts exhibition

Daniel Jaramillo (MArch)

uts exhibition

Diana Quintero (MDA)

uts exhibition

Amanda Clarke and Alina McConnochie (MArch)

uts exhibition

Jessica Dixon (MDA)

uts exhibition

Amanda Clarke. Shenzen Urbanism studio. (MArch)

uts exhibition

The Street as Platform studio had a series of visualisations playing continuously. Difficult to photograph, and they probably could have done with a better projector, but an impressive result from a studio where the students had no coding skills at the beginning of the two week course.

uts exhibition

Phil Clemens

uts exhibition

And finally, Jason McDermott’s PHD work in progress, using wii-motes as interactive drawing devices. Pictured above, in ‘Awesome Romance’ mode.






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  1. Anthony Burke Avatar

    Marcus, Thanks for the post! Some student names to fill in the project blanks. From the top. Daniel Jaramillo (MArch), Diana Quintero (MDA), Amanda Clarke and Alina McConnochie (MArch), Jessica Dixon (MDA), Amanda Clarke (MArch). I’ll have to look up the last missing name for the project before Jason’s. Dr Sam Spurr was the Curator/organizer who pulled it all together.

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