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Watsons Bay House

Alterations and additions to a brick cottage in Watsons Bay for a family of six. The house is located in the Watsons Bay conservation area and is the centre house in a group of three cottages listed as contributory items. The front of the existing house has been restored and the rear altered with the addition of a folded copper roof sitting over an open masonry base. The ground floor of the addition is an open garden pavilion, while the upper level is shaped to take advantage of the views to Sydney Harbour and the city. The front of the house has been re-organised and opened out to en- gage with Robertson Park opposite.

Living spaces are arranged around the kitchen bench, a large slab of stone that acts as a large table and occupies the centre of the house. The rear living room opens onto the garden with one wall of large operable timber doors.

The brickwork base of the addition matches the existing house, while the copper roof becomes another red form in amongst the terracotta roof tiles of the immediate area. Internally, the hallway, kitchen and stair are a carved timber space that connects the elements of the house with one continuous material.

Project Team: Marcus Trimble, Erin Field

Engineer: Simpson Design Associates

Photography by Murray Fredericks
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