Super Colossal

UTS Broadway


The UTS Tower has stood at the western entry to Sydney for thirty years. It is a wide, obscure entity; the subject of countless ‘solutions’ as though it were some inherently damaged object. Its narrow apertures, deep floor plate and abrupt podium have done it no favours, and yet while it has its detractors, it’s position as the western set-out point for Sydney’s CBD lends it authority in its quarter. It is the pin in the tail of a comet stretching north.

Soon it will be joined, immediately opposite, by a sister tower of wider girth but greater foliage, relegating it to the far lesser position of being one half of a ‘gateway’. If UTS is to survive this encounter then it must consolidate its position as an optimistically urban university.


The UTS Tower is taken, split into four and distributed across the site. The podium space is elevated, linking the new slender towers at multiple points creating large flexible teaching spaces. The banding of the UTS tower is stretched into alternating levels of full height glazing and active electronic mesh facade housing the PhD students and their associated research areas. A miniature city is formed at the edge of the city.


Super Colossal: Marcus Trimble, Matthew Bennett, Erin Field, Sarah Hearne

Collaborators: Arup, DEGW, City of Sound

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