Super Colossal

Australian Peacekeeping Memorial

The Australian Peacekeeping Memorial will be built on Anzac Parade in Canberra ACT. It comprises of two primary elements. The first is a glowing passage of light that is both legible within the oversized urbanism of Anzac Parade and provides a powerful entry sequence for the memorial. The passage comprises of two massive, equally weighted monoliths set slightly off the ground in a stone court. They are representative of parties in conflict, separated by an intense light.

This walkway between the two monoliths is lined with backlit stone. To the rear of this passage is a contained gathering space for ceremonial purposes and individual reflection.

The focus of this area is a single beam that spans across the space bearing the names of the individual campaigns of the Australian Peacekeeping forces from their first campaign in Indonesia in 1947 until the present day. Below the beam is an inclined plane on which commemorative wreaths may be placed. The surface of this plane is highly polished, reflecting the sky and trees above.

Stage: Documentation Complete


  • Super Colossal: Marcus Trimble, Sarah Hearne, Erin Field
  • Structural Engineer / Civil Engineer: TTW
  • Lighting Design / Electrical Engineer: Arup
  • Graphic Design: Frost Design
  • Landscape Architect: Sue Barnsley
  • Drawings and Models