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Wednesday, 18th May 2011

moebius dune storyboards

[Image: Storyboards Moebius for the aborted Jadorowsky Dune project. Title: David Foster Wallace, ‘Infinite Jest’]

Funny how things come around. A couple of years ago I put a post up on here tracking each of the ocean pools along Sydney’s coastline. It was a series of screenshots from google earth assembled north to south.

A few weeks ago Luis Cajellas and Sebastian Mejia from Paisajes Emergentes were in Australia to speak at the national conference, where they showed among other (awesome (seriously, some great stuff in their portfolio))projects, including their recently completed complex of pools in Medellin, Colombia. Chatting with Luis after their talk he spoke about how the blogpost on Sydney’s ocean pools came right at the time they were working on the competition. They had seen a link from Pruned to the post and that the pools in Sydney were in their mind when they were des

So when Luis was up in Sydney after the conference we spent a day touring some of the pools. Luis seemed a little obsessed with the things, extending his stay in Sydney so he could see them all, Pokemon style.

Luis Cajellas at Palm Beach

Luis going native, hunting pools.


Dan in Finland. Sad to see he and his family leaving Sydney, but excited to see what comes of his new digs at Sitra.


Steven Holl in Colombia

I like the folding, twisting concrete in this project for the Schools of Law and Economic Sciences at the National University of Colombia in Bogotá by Steven Holl. Via Archinect.

A page from Batman:The Dark Knight Returns sold at auction for USD$448,125.00 last week. It is a pretty iconic piece of American superhero art I guess, but I never really saw the attraction of splash page images like this. The beauty of comics lies in the sequential nature of the medium and splash pages end up being posters when taken out of the context of the book.

Some competitions: There is an open EOI for a shortlisted competition for Brisbane Airport, the first competition being run by Andrew Mackenzie’s (ex-Architecture Review editor) new competition-tank City Lab. Also! Would you like to curate the next Australian Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Biennale?

WOAH. A documentary on the aborted Jadorowsky and Moebius adaptation of ‘Dune’ is showing at Cannes this year. Bitcoins - untraceable, unhackable, untaxable online currency. This article (by Jason Calicanis, so you know, it is typically sensationalist) goes into further detail on the technology and usage of this unlisted, growing, currency market. The evolution of lids.

nottingham cave

Image: Nottingham’s caves. The Nottingham Cave Survey.

City of Holes, where we learn about the laser scanning of the sandstone cave system below Nottingham. Related, a trailer for Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog’s 3D documentary on the paintings in the Chauvet cave in southern France. I guess he is too far along now for anyone to be seriously surprised by his choice in subject matter, but even so, a 3D documentary on cave paintings is a sublime choice for a followup to a remake of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans. By all accounts it is superb.

This is too many crabs.