Super Colossal


Wednesday, 14th April 2010


A Roadmap for a lowcarbon Europe by 2050, the Practical Guide to a Prosperous Low Carbon Europe has been released. The third volume of the report, the ‘Graphic Narrative’, has been prepared by OMA with the European Climate Foundation. This narrative after establishing the data goes on to reframe Europe as ‘Eneropa’ with the continent’s boundaries reshaped according to the sustainable energy industries they could potentially host (Solaria, Isle of the Winds, Geothermalia etc) all connected by a unified European Energy Grid.

Curiously, there are two versions of the report available on the site, the second of which titled ‘Version A’ has identical content to the first but omits the entire section on Eneropa. Were the new regions deemed too whacky/provocative for some audiences?

via Infranet.