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High Speed Constructorbot

Wednesday, 18th February 2009

The High Speed Constructor from Skynet Research:


Real time urban planning is now a reality thanks to this fast moving fabrication assembly robot. At building sites multiple Constructors can be inputted with structural specifications and then sent into autonomous mode to quickly climb girders, I-beams, and rebar to tackle tedious assembly processes. With Skynet’s “TruSight”™ A.I. the quick-changing environment of the typical work site is no longer an obstacle. Multiple attachment devices connected to a self-replenishing internal high-speed air pressure assembly mean that the Constructor can quickly handle different jobs as they arise.

Of course, this is fiction, part of the hype machine surrounding the next in the Terminator series of films; the one where we get to see the machines gaining sentience and embarking on their pogrom on the humans led, this time by Christian Bale.

So here’s hoping that the film features scenes of automated rapid city building carried out by teams of wall climbing assembly bots. Cities that themselves turn sentient, coming to life later in the film as structural weapons against the humans.


Have the authors of this viral marketing campaign ever seen the Terminator films? We all know that Skynet is an AI system, not a robotics company. Cyberdyne Systems was the company that developed the technology. I guess the brand recognition of ‘Skynet’ is that much stronger that they justified retconning the whole series.