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Lebbeus Woods on Alien3

Wednesday, 4th February 2009

I can’t resist posting a few images from a recent blog post by Lebbeus Woods on his short stint as conceptual artist on Alien3 when it was to be directed by Vincent Ward prior to David Fincher taking over.

The story of the Ward movie was radically different, though it deployed the same basic characters, in that the setting was a religious colony that had escaped the earth and inhabited an abandoned commercial facility deep in space. They had adopted a Medieval way of life, without electricity or modern technology. The Ripley-Alien drama was to be played out inside this crumbling, artificial world. Under Ward’s direction, this would have become something highly original, a movie in which the architecture would have had a central part.”

Sketches of the colony’s spherical planet-ship:

Lebbeus Woods Alien 3

Section of the artificial world, showing Medieval within modern, modular metal construction:”

Lebbeus Woods Alien 3

Check out the full post for more.