Super Colossal


Thursday, 17th July 2008


In front of me the instrument panel had been buckled inwards, cracking the clock and speedometer dials. Sitting here in this deformed cabin, filled with dust and damp carpeting, I tried to visualise myself at the moment of collision, the failure of the technical relationship between my own body, the assumptions of the skin, and the engineering structure which supported it.”

- JG Ballard ‘Crash’

I think I may have posted this quote a while ago, but it seems apt, given this image that I came across earlier today. It is a photograph of Evelyn Hale, a 23 year old book keeper, who in 1947 committed suicide by jumping from the Empire State Building landing on a United Nations Limousine parked below.

Velocity turning the soft, solid and the solid, soft.

via Kottke.